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You are a partner in an IP law firm and want to use social media for the firm and for your own expert marketing?

The social media work of partners in IP law firms has many facets. For the firm, it is about establishing a credible brand message as an expert brand for trust-based services among the target group. Achieving client intimacy and loyalty via social media. Topics must be placed and solution expertise conveyed. Via brand loyalty for the partner’s personal brand, the law firm brand is charged and thus ensures recommendation. Business development is enabled sustainably, efficiently and systematically. Building and managing an attractive employer brand is becoming increasingly important in the battle for the best talent. Visibility, relevance and trust in the solution competence are typical goals for the personal brand and the law firm brand.

In a Google search for people, the LinkedIn profile is the top hit if the person has one. Professionalism but also personal humanity, authenticity in brand messaging and sustained, ongoing presence are key to business success through social media for your expert brand.

Social Gateway is your partner on this journey. We help with brand positioning, strategy development (language, visuals, content, relevance, community), profile building, coaching, making relevant channels available, to business development and talent sourcing.

You want to use social media for your career as an IP expert?

The basis of expert branding is the responsibility for your own professional presentation to the relevant target group. How do you want to be seen? Personal expert branding thrives on authenticity , consistency and permanence. People trust people and the faster and better you understand the expert positioning of a person, the faster trust can be built. It is the special quality of the individual personality that we look for in the other person and that leads to distinctiveness. This is a personal expert brand. When the expert brand is established with the target group, the relationship becomes lasting and profitable.

Both as an IP expert in industry and as a freelance consultant, the expert brand enables unique career paths. This includes the right positioning vis-à-vis the target group and lasting, credible and authentic communication. Properly understood personal branding serves to demonstrate competence to the target group through valuable and relevant content.

Social Gateway is your partner on this path. We help you with positioning, differentiation, strategy development (language, visuals, content, relevance, community), channel selection, provide access to channels, reach, design and manage your community with you. We ensure uniqueness, visibility, speed and relevance in the target group.

You are an IP service provider and want to build an expert brand for yourself?

For trust-based services, short-term lead generation via social media does not work. Social media is much more than nice posts, storytelling and pretty pictures. Brand positioning and relevance for the target group is crucial. Working with credible influencers and crafting execution counts: Optimizing interaction behavior, keywords, hashtags, interaction of different channels and formats, searchability via SEO, timing, measuring success, using reporting and analytics systems.

LinkedIn is increasingly becoming the central tool for professional B-to-B sales. The effective collaboration of formats across different channels builds not only attention but also familiarity among the target audience. Thus, LinkedIn also becomes unbeatable 24/7 sales tool.

Social Gateway is your partner on this journey. We not only provide you with manpower, we have years of experience and can provide exclusive channels and multipliers for you and use them with you. We are happy to support your social media department or take over this work completely, which often makes sense for cost and organizational reasons. We also train and coach your employees and help with the sustainable acquisition of skills to use the complex social media landscape effectively and efficiently for your business goals.

You are responsible for the social media presence of your law firm and want to get more professional?

Are you responsible for the corporate communications of the IP law firm or IP service provider in the social networks? Do you publish news, respond to inquiries, accompany discussions, design campaigns and measures, and use a wide range of tools from content planning to AI-supported analysis? We support content managers, community managers and social media managers in your work. The reality of digital transformation and the acceleration of developments through COVID have completely changed marketing. Sustainable competitive advantages and communication services need to be strategically planned and the projects systematically and crafted – from design, publishing, community management to analysis, reporting and measuring success against business goals

Social Gatewey is your partner on this journey. We support social media managers in all aspects of their daily work and dynamic challenges, from campaign planning to KPI analysis. Some examples of our services:

  • Writing articles and postings for social networks

  • Communication with users, customers and internal interfaces

  • Researching relevant content and ideas for campaigns

  • Planning of campaigns and strategies

  • Creating reports by evaluating analysis tools

We flexibly adapt to the needs of our partners and are available with manpower and expertise for the daily routine of social media managers in IP – let us talk.

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