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Online Marketing
for IP-Experts

We help you make yourself visible on social media, position yourself as an expert in your field and not get left behind in the fast digital development

If you are one of these people, we are exactly the right partner for you.

Partner of a law firm

You are a partner in an IP law firm and want to use social media for the firm and for your own expert marketing?

IP employee in a company

You want to use social media for your career as an IP expert?

IP service provider

You are an IP service provider and want to build an expert brand for yourself?

Social media manager

You are responsible for the social media presence of your law firm and want to get more professional?

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No matter if you are a lawyer or a law firm – we have different offers to cover exactly your needs

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Social Media Strategy

Planning your goals and the tactics to achieve them, choosing the platforms and setting up reports to track the progress.

Social Recruiting

Helping you to establish an employer brand and attract candidates passively and via Active Sourcing.

Community Management

Defining your target group, grow your audience and plan the interaction with your new connections. Planning the ideal customer journey.


Helping you from the first basic steps until you feel comfortable on social media. Helping you to achieve the goals we set up in the social media strategy.

Social Media Management

Defining content types, planning the content and the ressources. Setting up an interaction and growth strategy for your social media profile.


We provide you with a selection of tutorials for every step of your social media journey. The tutorials include basic knowledge and also real life examples.

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